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Laravel Cashier Stripe Multiple Products Invoice

In this article, I will show you how Laravel Cashier (stripe) can make an invoice for multiple products easily 💸.

Khalil Bouzidi
Laravel Cashier Stripe Multiple Products Invoice


This was a hidden feature in Laravel cashier, I did submit a PR (#7865) to library documentation and it got merged so now it lives where it should be 🥳

This feature was added in this PR (#1213) so all the credit goes to driesvints.


  1. Laravel with any kind of authentification mechanism (ex: Breeze)

  2. Laravel-cashier (stripe)

  3. Stripe account

  4. This 🧠


The method is `tabPrice` which allows you to add invoice items to the customer's "tab" (up to 250 items per invoice) and then invoice him, So with that, you will generate a detailed invoice that contains multiple products which is very useful if you are working with a shopping cart for example.

$user->tabPrice('price_mclaren_gtr', 1);
$user->tabPrice('price_mustang_shelby', 1);
$user->tabPrice('price_bugatti_chiron', 1);

// here you will charge the customer
$invoice = $user->invoice();

The `tabPrice` method works with pre-defined prices. This will provide you with better analytics and data in your Stripe dashboard about your sales by product.

You can also create prices on the fly likewise :

$price = $user->stripe()->prices->create([
            'currency' => 'USD',
            'product_data' => [
                'name' => 'Maclaren P1 GTR',
            'unit_amount' => 499,

if you want to know the alternative way of doing this :

  'customer' => $user->stripe_id,
  'price' => 'price_mclaren_gtr',

  'customer' => $user->stripe_id,
  'price' => 'price_mustang_shelby',

  'customer' => $user->stripe_id,
  'price' => 'price_bugatti_chiron',

$invoice = Cashier::stripe()->invoices->create([
  'customer' => $user->stripe_id,

Cashier::stripe()->invoices->pay($invoice->id, []);

$invoice = $user->invoices()->first();

Well, it's quite long 😏.

Small tip: you can call the stripe() method on the user instance directly 😉.


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